Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tao Te Ching Chapter 15-2 How profound!

Today's Tao

We cannot tell how profound he was. (Ch.15)

A man who knew Tao was profound.

Tao is profound.

Dark Depth is profound.

Zen masters are profound.

Zen Buddhism is profound.

Buddhism is profound.

Tao is profound.

Zen is profound.

Love is profound.

You know it instinctively.

You feel it.

That's enough.

Naoto Matsumoto says:

Though I use the expressions "Dark Depth" and "Dark Depth Female", please don't relate them to any sort of spacial relationship. The words "Dark Depth" are chosen in order to express the darkness you get when you put many layers of colours one upon another.

It is a translation of the word 玄 [gen / xuan].

Since Tao has no space, it doesn't have any depth.

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