Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tao Te Ching Chapter 16-1 Do emptiness / video

Today's Tao

Do emptiness perfectly. (Ch.16)

Geisha are gone.

We don't have them any more.

It is what we call social engineering.

We have transformed our town.

We got cleaner, better organised, and even wealthier.

I used to go to school with sons and daughters of Geisha.

Geisha got wealthier as well.

They abandoned their kimonos, and bought a Dior and a Louis Vuitton.

They shipped their old Toyota to Russia and asked AMG to upgrade their new Mercedes.

And they have become invisible.

Old businesses continue, of course, but they have put their money safely on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Oh, excuse me. Not so safely.

You never know. One day they may have to wear old kimonos again and stand at the street corner.

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