Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tao Te Ching Chapter 16-14 King = Heaven

Today's Tao

A king is heaven. (Ch.16)

"King" means the creator of the hologram.

At his birth, Buddha was believed to say:

"Above heaven, below heaven, I am the only important (respectable) one. 天上天下唯我独尊 [ten jo ten ge yui ga doku son]"

It is logical.

If you are the creator of the hologram called "the world", definitely you are the most important one.

A harder point to understand is that you are part of that hologram you create.

You create your hologram, and, at the same time, your hologram defines what you are and what you do.

Maybe, with a little help from the design of the Yin Yang circle, we can comprehend this twisted logic of the creator and the created.

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-Tao by Matsumoto / Tao Te Ching / Chapter 16

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