Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tao Te Ching Chapter 17-1 The highest / video

Today's Tao

The highest is the one that the lower ones don't know of. (Ch.17)

Where is the best city to eat out in on the planet?


I am afraid not.

Recently, the famous Michelin Guide book awarded more 3-starred restaurants to Tokyo than to Paris.

(although as a nation France has more 3-starred restaurants than Japan)

Its chief editor apologetically admitted that it is natural because Tokyo has four times as many restaurants as Paris.

Therefore, please study today's photo well if you have a business engagement in Tokyo or vacations in the Japanese archipelago.

These written on the dark blue cloth are the Kanji characters for Sushi.


Normally this type of a small establishment is fairly expensive.

A sushi bar with a conveyor belt is much cheaper.

Except in Aomori City!

Aomori City, located in the north of Japan, is considered to be the best town (quality-price-wise) in the country and enjoys plenty of cheap but good sushi bars without a conveyor. Some of them are even cheaper than those with a conveyor belt.

Nevertheless, Aomori might not be the best city to eat sushi in on the planet.

Tokyo may beat Paris, but I don't know if Aomori can beat Boston (quality-price-wise).

Let me know your opinion.

To read Today's Tao / The highest, please see Tao Te Ching Chapter 17-1 the highest.

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