Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tao Te Ching Chapter 19-1 No discernment / video

Today's Tao

Destroy discernment. Throw away intellect. And people's benefit will be 100 times as much. (Ch.19)

The Japanese hide things well.

Can you see the small sticker on the wall in the photo?

It says «No littering».

If someone wants to ignore the sign, I wonder why he doesn't do it with conviction.

He hides the rubbish.

This sector of Chiba City was once a notorious red light district. Not any more.

Good mothers and fathers of the town "cleaned up" the neighbourhood.

Although the effectiveness of their effort was questionable, thanks to Japan's decades-long bad economy, bars and good old "oriental baths" in the area have lost their clients.

Good mothers and fathers achieved their objective.

Now, the town center is deserted.

Deserted, but hospital-clean in its appearance.

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