Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 23-6 According to Tao

Today's Tao

Therefore, those who act according to Tao are one with Tao. (Ch.23)

What is acting according to Tao?

It is our objective.

It is receiving and emitting the energy of Tao with the least resistance possible.

How can we do it?

By accepting the world with gratitude.

Then, you are one with Tao.

"But aren't we one with Tao all the time?"

Yes, we are. We just forget it sometimes.

By accepting all, you can easily remember the fact.

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-The Parisians have the River Seine. The Londoners have the River Thames. The New Yorkers have the Hudson River. The people of the floating world Ukiyo have the River Sumida. This story, «Bokutou Kidan 濹東綺譚 / A strange tale from East of the River», is about the despised ladies doing their business on the eastern side of the River Sumida illegally. On its western side, which is closer to the center of Tokyo, there was a section to do it legally.

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