Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 24-9 After Satori

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Therefore, a man with Tao doesn't stay there. (Ch.24)

A man with Tao gets out of his hologram.

A man with Satori breaks his mirror.

Where do they go after that?

They don't go anywhere but right here.

Because no one is captured in the hologram, or the mundane world, from the beginning.

Everyone is with Tao.

All of us are in the state of Satori.

We have simply forgot about it.

Zen Master Dogen says:

Great Satori has neither beginning nor end. Neither has Mayoi (=being lost). Mayoi never interferes Great Satori. (Daigo 大悟, «Shobogenzo»)

Naoto Matsumoto adds:

Getting out of your hologram means accepting all of it.

Mayoi is a catalyst.

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-If you feel as if you were stuck in this world, read «Sansho-uo, Salamander» by Masuji Ibuse. When a frog came into his cave in the water, the salamander was young and smaller. He closed its entrance with his own body. He was not nasty. He just wanted a friend. Some time later, his body got bigger, bigger than the entrance. He was not able to get out of the cave any more.

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