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Tao Te Ching Chapter 24-6 Boasting man

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A boasting man is never the best. (Ch.24)

Don't boast. Don't say you are the best.

All right. Conventional teachings say the same thing, but it is more subtle here.

You really have to know that you are the best because you are the creator of your hologram, in other words, the creator of the world.

What's going to happen if you declare:

"I am the creator of the universe"?

Well, you can imagine all sorts of difficulty in your life.

But, why difficulty?

Because this declaration is an act to influence others, that it to say, your hologram.

By boasting that you are the best, you are creating a short-circuit-like effect in your hologram.

Zen Master Dogen says:

In order to practice the heart of Bodhi (Bodai shin), you had better not wish that people will know you have made up your mind to do it and are practicing it. You should try not to let them know it. You must not tell them about it.

This is called "to double your Mayoi while you are in your Mayoi (=being lost)".

(Keiseisanshoku 谿声山色, «Shobogenzo»)

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-Some questions. Can a Zen master be an artist? Can a baseball (or football) player be an artist? Can a chess master be an artist? The answers could vary. Then, how about these? Can an artist be a Zen master? Probably, possible. Can an artist be a baseball (or football) player? Probably no, unless his name is either Ichiro or Zidane. Can an artist be a chess master? Both of the two occupations are time-consuming, so probably no. When you read Kawabata's «The Master of Go», you may have an impression that it doesn't matter to the master of Go whether he will win or not. He seems to have wanted to create beauty on the Igo board.

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