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Tao Te Ching Chapter 24-5 Bragging man

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A bragging man is not successful. (Ch.24)

"Master Bonbon, have you reached Satori?"

"Of course, yes. That's why I am a master."

"Master Bonbon, tell me what's wrong with me. I haven't reached Satori yet."

"Meditate for 60 years first. Then, I can show you the secret."

Don't brag.

Don't say you are successful.

Remember «Ji mi toku do, sen do ta 自未得度先度他».

It means:

"Though you haven't crossed it yet, let others cross it first".

Naoto Matsumoto adds:

When you are lost and confused, this Zen expression is a powerful spiritual tool to help you.

Say it to yourself, and you will remember that you are already in the state of Satori.

Master Dogen asks you not to expect to be a Buddha because of «Ji mi toku do, sen do ta». (Hotsubodaishin 発菩提心, «Shobogenzo»)

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