Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 52-10 Enlightenment

Today's Tao

This is called entering enlightenment. (Ch.52)

In the original text, the Kanji / Chinese character 常 [jo], which means constancy, is used to express "enlightenment".

In Chapter 16, Lao Tzu says:

"Going back to the destiny is called constancy. Learning constancy is called enlightenment."

Through the world, which is your hologram, you receive the fundamental energy Love, or Tao.

Then, you emit the energy while loving and creating the world.

This "act" is called Satori, or enlightenment.

Understanding and using this cycle is called "entering enlightenment".

Entering the state is easy because you are constantly living Satori and don't have to do anything to get there. (☞ See Enter enlightenment 27-8)

Just don't forget it.

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