Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 54-4 Body

Today's Tao

Learn it in the body, and its attainment is true. (Ch.54)

This paragraph is a kanreisu (a bar / spring) to understand Tao and Zen.

Let's remember the mechanism of the holograms and use Reverse Thinking.

Body is bigger than Family.

Family is bigger than Village.

Village is bigger than Country.

First, love your body.

This is the best and true attainment of Tao.

Second, love your family.

The closer they are to you, the more important they are.

What they say are catalysts for you, in other words, Tao's messages.

Third, love the environment you are living in right now.

In the end, love the world in general.

Don't get annoyed by what the media tell you.

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Tao answers your question!

☞The floating world, Uki-yo in Japanese, is the way they look at life. That's where geisha girls used to dwell and yakuza men were heroes. Ukiyo-e are called Japanese prints, but the word means the pictures of the floating world. Life is ephemeral. Enjoy it while you can. Tatoo, Irezumi 刺青. Or you might want to pronounce the kanji characters Shisei as novelist Junichiro Tanizaki named one of his first successful short stories. This could be a distant memory of the time when some of our ancestors lived in Southern Pacific islands.

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