Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-3 No attack

Today's Tao

Violent animals don't attack him. (Ch.55)

In your hologram, there is no danger.

Then, why are we fearful of the attack by our enemy or an animal?

Daisetz Suzuki tells us the story of a Japanese samurai swordsman and cats. (The swordsman and the cat, Appendices IV, «Zen and Japanese Culture»)

Let's ask the wisest cat.

"Why do we have the enemy?"

"Because of the self there is the foe; when there is no self there is no foe."

The cat continues:

"You make no choice between right and wrong, like and dislike."

Both your own self and the enemy are part of the same hologram.

Daisetz Suzuki@wiki

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☞«Zen and Japanese Culture» was published in 1959 precisely a quarter of a dicace after the publication of «Manual of Zen» (in 1934 in Kyoto, Japan; in 1950 in London). The former includes the chapters on the story above and «Yama Uba». The latter has «Ten Ox-herding Pictures», which will tell you the ten steps of reaching Satori. Please remember that time is just a parameter. All the ten steps take place simultaneously.

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