Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 56-1 Say / video

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One who knows does not say. (Ch.56)

Japan stories

Life is floating. Or, we are living in a floating world.

Zen masters and Lao Tzu say that our soul does not go anywhere after its battery runs out. Life is just a catalyst to stimulate us.

Some people may want to regard life as a school, or a learning process to step up towards a better class in the spiritual hierarchy although Zen masters and Lao Tzu might find it a bit misleading.

The Japanese think we go to another world by way of water after our physical energy has run out. Zen masters, especially Dogen, is strongly against this idea, but what can they do?

At the beginning of the Obon week in summer, many Japanese families go to a river, a lake or a sea to meet the souls of the loved ones who have already left this floating world. A few days later, they lead the visiting souls back to the shore or the bank.

In both brief walks, we carry a chochin, or a paper lantern. On the way to meet the souls of the visitors, we don't light it. At the water's edge, we light the candle inside. The souls follow the light and come home with us. We spend some days together. On the way back, we light the lantern at home and lead the visitors to the water's edge. Then, we put out the candle flame there, stopping the souls of the other world from following us back to our home.

Beautiful as it may sound, it is a folklore belief, ladies and gentlemen.

To read the text for the video, please visit Tao by Matsumoto 56-1 Don't say.

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