Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 57-3 Don't work

Today's Tao

You get the world under the sky by doing no work. (Ch.57)

Lao Tzu is saying here:

"Don't govern your state with so-called justice.

Don't launch a surprise attack.

Do not work on any. Don't interfere."

He is discouraging you from using your intelligence.

The world, which you want to transform with your intelligence, is a hologram and catalyst you project.

By doing nothing, you can change the world.

If you accept all, the world will change itself.

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☞I don't know if Sei Shonagon, the author of «Makura no Soshi / The Pillow Book», would be happy about the film «The Pillow Book». Probably yes. Thanks to Peter Greenaway, the classical collection of the medieval essays by an intelligent imperial female servant is now digitally immortalized in DVD. (☞See also Can't help it 30-9)

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