Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-13 Takuan / Mind & Ki

Today's Tao

Mind using energy Ki is called strength. (Ch.55)

"Strength" means force.

Forcing yourself is not natural at all.

Do you want to manipulate Ki the energy for your own benefit one way or another?

Please don't misunderstand that Lao Tzu encourages you to use Ki the energy.

He is saying here that you should not allow your mind to use Ki the energy.

Don't let your mind confuse you.

Japanese Zen Master Takuan said:



[kokoro koso kokoro mayowasu kokoronare

kokoro ni kokoro, kokoro yurusuna]

Mind! It's the mind that confuses the mind.

Mind! Don't let the mind take over the mind.

(«Fudo chishin myoroku 不動智神妙録»)


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☞If you want to understand traditional "Male Love / Danshoku" in Japan, you should read this «The Great Mirror of Male Love» by Ihara Saikaku along with «Hagakure». The latter talks about Bushido, that is to say, Tao of Samurai, but what the author discusses in the book is not exactly what we associate with the word "warrior" all the time. If you ignore the boundary between the male and the female, the characters in «The Great Mirror of Male Love» behave more like Genji the aristocratic seeker of a heterosexual love in «The Tale of Genji».

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