Monday, November 8, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 55-14 Strong = Old

Today's Tao

If a thing is strong, it gets old. (Ch.55)

You can find the same sentence in Chapter 30.

Being strong is like athletes using steroids.

They get old prematurely. (Strong steroids 30-11)

Chuang Tzu says:

"Do you know that prayer mantis?

Waving its arms angrily, it confronts the wheel of a cart."

(Inner Chapter IV 内篇 人間世篇 第四, «Chuang Tzu 荘子»)

The wheel of the cart is time, your prayer wheel.

The mantis wants to be strong.

Strong enough to defeat the cart, which is a few thousand times bigger than itself.

If you want to be strong, please ask yourself whether you look like this mantis.

If you are strong, you get old. If you fight, the wheel of time will crush you.

Be like a baby and live forever.

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☞«Chuang Tzu» is a very important book. There is not doubt about it. But the problem is that there are so many comments by later hands mixed up with the original. Besides, the book is rather voluminous. Inevitably, one has to ask himself whether it is worth reading the entire book. A relatively safe bet is to read only «The Inner Chapter of Chuang Tzu». Nevertheless, researchers admit that even in the Inner Chapter there are plenty of notes and comments written by someone else.

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