Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 81-8 Sage's Tao

Today's Tao

The sage's Tao acts and doesn't compete. (Ch.81)

Who is the sage?

Of course, you are the one.

Then, who are you?

"Eh, excuse me, sir, which are you talking about, 'true You' or 'your own self'? Self doesn't exist, right?"

That's right.

Self, life, world. They are names given to some groups of information.

They are not independent entities.

"I see. Eh, excuse me, sir. What is 'true I'?"

True You are Tao.

Tao is always "acting without competing", that is to say, projecting a hologram without directly interfering with it.

Tao, Love, Buddha, and Zen among others are names given to the fundamental energy.

"Eh, sir, it is also called nothingness 無 [mu], right?"


Please picture the circulation of an energy with neither time nor space.

What else can you call it but nothingness.

Time and space are parameters used to reconstruct information in "the mind".

In other words, they are names.

"If you can talk about Tao, that Tao is not Tao itself."

This very first line of Tao Te Ching is not saying that it is impossible to understand Taoism logically. No!

It is possible to comprehend Taoism logically.

It is saying that the comprehension itself is part of your hologram.

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