Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 81-7 Tao in Heaven

Today's Tao

Heaven's Tao gives benefits and does not damage any. (Ch.81)

"Heaven" signifies "this world right here right now", which is your hologram.

Therefore, "Heaven's Tao" means Tao in a hologram, that is to say, Tao manifested as a hologram.

This manifestation is called Hossho 法性 in Buddhism.

Your life is Hossho.

Don't worry about how you live and how others live.

All the lives are more or less the same.

Your life that manifests itself right here right now is the most important.

Don't worry about someone else's criteria to judge a man's life.

When you see them in a book or on TV, just say "thanks" and ignore them.

Gratitude is an act of sending Love (=Tao).

All the acts take place in a hologram.

So, an act of sending Love takes place in a hologram, which is the life right here right now.

That's why you must not despise this world.

You receive "Tao's Love" and all the hologram it projects.

Zen Master Dogen says:

"You must not look at anywhere but this world in order to meet Buddha".


(Kobutsushin 古仏心, «Shobogenzo»)

Meeting Buddha is receiving Love.

It takes place on your face. (☞See Face Transmission / Menju / Beauty 80-8)

That's why Dogen asks you to wash your face and body well. (Senjo 洗浄, «Shobogenzo»; Senmen 洗面, «Shobogenzo»)

The world is an extension of your body.

Keep your face clean.

It is one easy and practical way to accept this world.

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Lao Tzu answers your question!

«Recommended Books 17» Zen Master Ikkyu was a good friend of Konparu Zenchiku, a dancer/actor of Noh theatre. This eccentric duo wrote and performed «Yama Uba» in a village in medieval Japan. You can study Zen Buddhism, but studying something is not necessarily living it. Rather, you can learn Zen without analyzing Sutras and Mantras. Meditation will certainly help you find out what Zen is, but if you think squatting a la Japonaise will teach it better than theatre does, you will never learn what it is. You can even learn Zen while frying French fries at a diner. Peter Brook's «Empty Space» inevitably makes a Japanese think about "Ma 間", spacial or sonic emptiness. The Japanese have been considering it as the rich source of creativity. If you find the concept of Everything = Nothing a bit too hard to grasp, why don't you look to this theatrical genius for advice? You don't have to go straight to the gate of Tao or Zen. Anne Bogart will show you some backstage door to get in there. Read her «Viewpoint», and you will see why theatre is a good friend of Zen Buddhism.

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