Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 80-12 Moonlight & Dewdrops / Dogs & Roosters

Today's Tao

People in one country can hear the voices of dogs and roosters in another country. (Ch.80)

What is the relation between your hologram and those of other people?

How do yours and theirs interact?

Today's Tao sentence is the answer to the question.

"People in one country" signifies your hologram.

"The voices of dogs and cocks in another country" suggests another hologram.

Firstly, you think that others exist independently, but they are part of your hologram.

They are 他己 [tako], your own self beyond your control, that is to say, the extended part of yourself (=non-you).

Secondly, you think that your own self exists, but it is also part of your hologram.

The self doesn't exist. It is a name given to some collective information. (☞See Tao Te Ching / Chapter 33 / Self and Tao Te Ching / Chapter 7 / No Self)

Then, a question arises.

Who in the world is projecting the hologram?

Tao is.

It is true You.

Zen Buddhists cherish the beautiful metaphor of the dewdrops reflecting the moonlight.

The moonlight is Tao.

The image of the moon on the dewdrops is your hologram.

The light is called 無碍光 [mugeko], the light without obstacles.

How many dewdrops or holograms are there in the world?

The answer is one.

You and non-you are the same manifestation of Tao.

Let's overcome the trap of individuality.

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