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Today's Tao / Body soul & Spirit soul 10-1

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«My Koan Horoscope»

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1. After man's intelligence and discrimination have appeared, we have great hypocrisy. / Después que la inteligencia y el discernimiento del hombre han aparecido, tenemos una gran hipocresía.
(Ch.18 / Little luck)

2. Do it before it has come to exist. / Hágalo antes de que haya llegado a existir. (Ch.64 / Little luck)

3. Even if you try to hear Tao, you can't hear it. / Incluso si se intenta oír el Tao, no lo puede oír.
(Ch.35 / Little luck)


Little luck - Little luck - Little luck. Do you wonder why the others are very selfish while you are as altruistic as you can in the world of the harsh economic competition and the constant survival with realpolitik? Do you wonder how hypocritical some presidents and vice-presidents in non-governmental organizations are when they do not show the slightest hesitation to transfer to their Swiss bank accounts the money donated to save Amazonian rain forests, poor African children, or miserable urban souls lost in dwindling consumption and increasing waste. So-called intelligence and discernment are the mother of hypocrisy. Therefore, let's think about how economy functioned before it came to exist as a study subject. Economy has been and will be part of your precious hologram, in other words, the manifestation of Love/Tao. Economy is Love?! Yes, it is. It has been called  Matsuri, which is a Japanese term for the festivities, in general, organized and patronized by a Shintoist temple. After the harvest, the farmers and fishermen donate their foods to the temple, priests and villagers host a ritual, and the foods are eaten and distributed to all. In the process of Matsuri, there is no intervention by a currency or a middleman. Nothing special, right? You can find a Matsuri around you with another term in your language. In Japanese, «Ma» means space; «tsuri» signifies suspension. Matsuri means «the one suspended in the space». This is the hologram.

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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