Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Today's Tao / No gold 9-3

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«My Koan Horoscope»

(available in Taoísmo en Español)
1. Thus, something can be useful because nothingness is working. / Por tanto, algo puede ser útil porque «nada» funciona. (Ch.11 / Bad luck)
2. It stays at the place which many people think is bad. / Se queda en el lugar donde mucha gente piensa que es malo. (Ch.8 / Emptiness)
3. It's simply unsatisfactory. That's why they are not satisfied. / Es simplemente insatisfactoria. Es por eso que no están satisfechos. (Ch.72 / Bad luck)


Bad luck - Emptiness - Bad luck. Do you wonder why Taoism or Zen Buddhism is difficult to apply to your life? Do you say to yourself that you are just a beginner and haven't really spent enough time practicing it like a master in the exotic costume with more than 30 years of experience behind him? Or, do you regret refusing to pay when they told that you hadn't reached the enlightenment or Satori because your financial contribution was not enough? If so, please remember that nothingness/Tao is always working behind everything. In other words, you are living in the Satori enlightenment all the time without any effort. Never ever think that you have to go through a superhuman mortification before you get there. Please don't think that the practice will make you better either than before or than the others. Water stays in the bad place, not in a better place. Do you feel uneasy? Congratulations! It is exactly what you feel when you remember you are always one with Tao. With this «Big's fear», let's have more Love/Tao circulate. This is the Taoist economy. You are more than ready to apply it to your life.

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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