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Today's Tao / Let it work 10-12

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«My Koan Horoscope»

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1. The reason why big rivers and the sea can be the king of hundreds of valleys is that the former is well down the latter. Therefore, they can be the king of hundreds of valleys. / La razón por la cual los grandes ríos y el mares pueden ser el rey de cientos de valles es que los primeros están precisamente al pie de los segundos. Por tanto, pueden ser el rey de cientos de valles. (Ch.66 / Good luck)
2. Five Tastes make man's mouth injured. / Los Cinco Sabores hieren la boca del hombre.
(Ch.12 / Good luck)
3. If gods were not spiritual, they might rest. / Si los dioses no fueran espirituales, podrían tomar un descanso. (Ch.39 / Emptiness)


Good luck - Good luck - Emptiness. Do you wonder why all those oriental philosophies are incomprehensible? They talk about rivers, valleys, tastes, eyes, a storage, a king, and femaleness, but what they are telling you is simply vague. Do you get frustrated once in a while, feeling: "Why don't they tell us straight? Are they hiding something behind all these mythic expressions?" Not, really. Imagine how you can explain to a 10-year-old child the transaction mechanism among arms deals, drug trade, and tax evasion. Imagine if you can well explain how the internet works to an  80-year-old Japanese grandmother taking care of a Shintoist shrine in a sacred forest of many Kami with a more-than-1500-year history. Simply because they did not have the word «hologram», our predecessors had to invent all these metaphors to transmit the concept. Thanks to the word, now we can say simply and clearly that the world is a hologram and our life is the sequence of holograms. It is easy, isn't it? Then, let's swap the roles. It is your turn to explain the concept of the hologram to the fore-mentioned Japanese grandmother. How can you do it? The best way is to use something that she knows well about: Kami. Instead of saying that the holographic world is the manifestation of the sacred energy Tao/Love, you should say that there are plenty of Kami everywhere, sending plenty of Love/Tao to everyone. A Kami can be your ancestor, a dead cat, a stealth fighter jet, or anything. Even a band of guitarists with cute baby face vocalists. This concept is called "yaoyorozu no kami gami 八百万の神々 (=eight million gods)". The Japanese grandmother is a Kami god. Thanks, gramma, for living and leading us. You are a Kami god, too. Thank you, the one who is reading this, for being perfect although some of you might not want to accept your perfection. I thank you personally for being perfect and emitting plenty of Love/Tao.

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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