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Today's Tao / Body, Spirit, Tao. 10-2

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«My Koan Horoscope»

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1. Something called Tao is hidden at the bottom of everything. / Algo llamado el Tao está escondido en el fondo de todo. (Ch.62 / Good luck)

2. If people are not afraid of fear, Big's fear arrives. / Si la gente no tiene miedo del miedo, llega el miedo del Grande. (Ch.72 / Tao)

3. Without getting out of the door, you know the world under the sky. / Sin salir de la puerta, se sabe el mundo bajo el cielo. (Ch.47 / Emptiness)


Good luck - Tao - Emptiness. Do you wonder why you always feel something is missing? Do you wonder why the world seems so imperfect although Taoists and Zen Buddhists say that it is the manifestation of Tao/Love? Do you wonder why the others are so perfect while you are so imperfect? Lao Tzu says: "Tao (=Love) is hidden at the bottom of everything." If you accept what he says, you can see all the phenomena in the world differently without judging them into good or bad. It is Satori. In fact, whether you accept it or not, you are in the state of Satori all the time. "If I am perfect, why do I feel something is always missing?," you may want to ask me. Then, I reply: "Congratulations!". Please remember this: "When the manifestation fills up the body/mind mechanism, it feels that something is missing somehow." (Zen Master Dogen, Genjokoan 現成公案, «Shobogenzo») In other words, feeling "something is missing" is a good sign that you are perfect. It is called «Big's fear». You are connected to the rest of the world constantly because you are the world. Do you feel uncomfortable about this idea? In that case, remember three Kami, which we discussed in another article two days ago. Ujigami (Kami of your ancestors) will give you the stability in your chronological relation to the holographic world. Small Kami in your surroundings, the stability in your spacial relation to the world. Kami-san (the wife), the stability in your personal relation to the world. (If you are a woman, you are the center, so love yourself completely. If you are a man, love the matriarchal center. In both cases, you are loving your holographic world alike.) Of course, there are plenty of other targets to send Love to. They are easier and more visible examples. If the «Big's fear» is too uncomfortable to bear, use Kami targets, and it will remind you of «Tao = Love = true You».

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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