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Today's Tao / Mirror of Dark Depth 10-5

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1. Therefore, a great man remains in its thickness and stays away from its thinness. / Por tanto, un gran hombre permanece en lo grueso y se mantiene lejos de lo delgado. (Ch.38 / Tao)

2. The gate of Dark Depth Female is called the root of heaven and earth. / La Puerta de la Profundidad Oscura Femenina se llama la raíz del cielo y la tierra. (Ch.6 / Bad luck)

3. And can you be like a baby? / ¿Y puede ser como un bebé? (Ch.10 / Emptiness)


Tao - Bad luck - Emptiness. Do you wonder why you exist? Do you wonder why you have to live while putting up with such a cruel and meaningless world? Do you wonder why life doesn't treat you as nicely as the others? The answer is simple. Probably, it is too simple for you to accept the answer with joy. For some intellectuals and those who think they are more intelligent than the others, life has to be complicated. Here we have a Buddhist concept called 法華 Hokke, which means «the flower of Tao's manifestation». This is another name of the hologram, which is the translation of Genzo from «Shobogenzo» by Zen Master Dogen. Your life and world, including your body and mind, are the flower that stimulate true You (=Tao) to keep emitting Love/Tao in order to sustain Tao/Love. This is why you exist because true You are Tao. True You are neither your body nor mind. (Understanding and accepting this, that is to say, living with it is called Shin Jin Datsu Raku 身心脱落 in Zen Buddhism. It literally signifies Body, Mind [or mechanism/Shin(Jin)], Undress, Drop. Please remember this important Zen concept as well as  法華 Hokke.) A hologram is projected every moment. It stimulates Tao and dies every moment. Being stimulated, Tao gives birth to another hologram. This is the true reincarnation. Be careful! There are plenty of fantasies and interpretations attached to this simple mechanism, and nowadays some people believe these fancy toppings rather than the valuable content. To avoid this trap, forget the superficial appearance and stay with thick Tao. When you don't know what to do, be like either a baby or water.

Please try Koan Horoscope (although it is in Spanish).

Naoto Matsumoto

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