Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 42-9 Father of Teachings 1

Today's Tao

"A man who pushes down others and advance will not come to a natural end." (Ch.42)

"If you violently impose your way on others, you will not come to a natural end."


Because you create resistance when you impose on others your way: judgment or act of influence.

Chuang Tzu's explanation will help you understand it better.

Let's review the process of Nothing / Form cycle (=Yin Yang cycle, =Tao/hologram cycle).

1. Nothing (=Tao). No existence. No names.

2. One rises up (=Tao's energy circulates) without a form.

3. The flow of the One (=the circulation of Tao's energy) creates (=projects) forms. They are not separated. This state is called Life (=a hologram).

4. 1, 2, 3, are the process of Attainment. All the formed bodies (=holograms) have the same spirit (or the god, literally, =Tao) although they act independently.

We will continue the rest of the process in the episode the Father of Teachings 2 tomorrow.

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-Ondekoza is a group of Japanese Taiko drummers from Sado Island. Their music is simple and powerful. The simplicity represents some peculiar Japanese-ness, which reminds us that Japan is part of the Pacific, not just a fringe civilization in Asia. It is technically elaborate, I am sure, but, as their naked bodies represent, the drummers try to be as simple as possible. They seem to think as if simplicity is the only way to go down to the deepest recess of their soul. Their attitude and dedication towards the drum sounds touch listeners' soul as well.

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