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Tao Te Ching Chapter 42-8 Chuang Tzu's teachings

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There is something people teach. I teach it, too. (Ch.42)

I read the entire part of Chuang Tzu's writing concerning the birth of a hologram and Dark Depth Attainment.

At the very beginning, there is Nothing.

No existence. No names.

Where One rises up, there is One but it doesn't have a form yet.

Everything is born by getting this One.

This is called Attainment.

There are divisions in the One not yet formed.

Without intermission, without in-between space.

This is called Life.

The One flows and gives birth to things.

Things are completed and have discerning lines.

This is called Form.

Formed bodies keep the spirit.

Each of them has its rules.

This is called Nature.

When Nature is mastered, it goes back to the Attainment.

When the Attainment peaks, it is the same as the beginning.

Being the same means being void.

Being void means being big.

It unifies people's noisy speeches.

When they are unified, it is unified with heaven and earth.

This union is so perfect that they even know they are together.

It seems stupid.

It seems idiotic.

This is called Dark Depth Attainment.

It is the same as Big Natural Flow (=Tao's integration 大順).

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-I know it is quite voluminous. I know most of them were written by later hands. Nevertheless, I recommend that you read the complete works of «Chuang Tzu», or at least the Inner Chapters and the Outer Chapters. You will find Chuang Tzu's writing I quote here in the Outer Chapters. Besides, the story of «the frog in the well» is told in 17 - 4 of the Outer Chapters («Soji 荘子» by Osamu Kanaya 金谷治, 1995, Iwanami Bunko 岩波文庫, Iwanami Shoten 岩波書店).

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