Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 42-6 No good

Today's Tao

What people don't like are surely "orphan", "less virtue", and "no good". And kings and lords use them to call themselves. (Ch.42)

"What? Lao Tzu says everything is in harmony? Look! Open your eyes and see what is happening in this world! It's horrible! Is it in harmony? Lao Tzu must be kidding."

Who has to open his eyes?

Look around you.

Not what is going on on TV.

Then, stop judging.

"Kings and lords" here mean you, the master who projects your hologram, which is the world.

Be humble.

You don't have to impose a short-sighted and one-sided virtue on "your" perfectly harmonious world.

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-Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you honestly: "Tokyo is not Japan". Not to mention Akihabara, a Mecca of Manga comics and Otaku culture. Some ethnologists imply that Japan has had a parallel civilization hidden in the deep forests. Whether the theory is true or not, if you have lived in the countryside of Japan for a while, you may have to admit the presence of forests in the archipelago is not ignorable. You share local superstitions of ghosts and spirits living in the forest, with inhabitants of the land of robots. If you don't have a chance to live there, I recommend you these two books. Excellent artistic works with plenty of mythical tales. I am glad that they have been translated in English.

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