Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 42-5 Yin = Yang

Today's Tao

Everything carries on its back Yin (=shadow) and holds Yang (=light). It creates harmony with the middle energy. (Ch.42)

Don't be misled by the words "Yin 陰" and "Yang 陽".

Yes. The Chinese characters mean shadow and light respectively, I know.

Yin and Yang are two symbolic ends, the sending end and the receiving end in Tao.

They are not two different spots. Everything is one.

They are the same Tao.

The middle energy is also a symbolic entity between the two ends.

The important thing is that the three create harmony.

The world, which you project, is in harmony all the time.

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Tao answers your question!

- Yin Yang - In yo - Onmyo. In Japanese, they are all the same. They are written 陰陽. Strangely, the expression provoke an uncanny feeling in a modern Japanese. It has been used for more than one thousand years there and we must be used to this. Nevertheless, we cannot help feeling that we do not want to abandon our scientific reasoning and embrace totally the unknown nature of shadow and light. Because of that, the Japanese are still fascinated by Yin and Yang, and Onmyo is a popular subject for novels and films.

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