Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 76-6 Soft and weak men

Today's Tao

Those who are soft and weak are men of life. (Ch.76)

No matter how hard and strong the person is, he is part of your hologram.

Then, who are you if you are soft and weak?

If you are soft and weak, you are man of life, Lao Tzu says.


What is true life?

Why do we live?

Your true life is the circulation of energy.

You are the infinite light with other names, including Tao, Buddha, Zen, and Love.

You live in order to sustain this circulation of the energy.

You live in order to sustain your true life.

Your so-called "life" is a film that stimulates the circulation.

Be soft and weak, and your light will go through the life of ego more easily.

Soften your personal and egotistic light, and your true light will light up the world.

The softer your personal light of ego is, the stronger your true light will be.

(☞See Kanshiketsu / Like dust 56-7)

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