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Tao Te Ching Chapter 49-3 A Study of the Good

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I think something good is good. (Ch.49)

What is the good?

Let's ask a good friend, a high school mate of the well-know Zen scholar Daisetz Suzuki.

He is Japanese philosopher Kitaro Nishida, the author of «A Study of the Good».

He says:

"We have only one true good, which is to find out the true Self."

(Book III Chapter 13, «A Study of the Good»)

Watch out.

Nishida is not talking about a self that comes and goes.

He is talking about the true You.

The readers of Today's Tao surely know what it is.

Kitaro Nishida@wiki

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☞«A Study of the Good» and «An Inquiry into the Good» are the same book. They are the translation of «Zen no Kenkyu» originally written in Japanese by Kitaro Nishida. Kitaro Nishida might probably be the only Japanese philosopher whose works are fairly available in other languages than Japanese. He was a classmate of Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki at a high school in Kanazawa, Japan. The dynamic duo's contribution to the English-speaking Zen community is immeasurable. When you get confused with an oriental philosophy, ask Kitaro or Daisetz.

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