Monday, August 30, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 49-10 Inmo & No mind

Today's Tao

When he makes the world under the sky, he has no mind. (Ch.49)

When you "make the world under the sky", in other words, when you project your hologram, true You have "no mind".

Tao has neither mind nor intention to dictate the hologram.

Tao is not a judge.

That's why a hologram is called Inmo Butsu 恁麼物, a "what on earth" thing in Zen Buddhism. (☞See Capable = Incapable 45-6)

We don't have to know where Inmo Butsu or a hologram comes from.

We don't need to know why Inmo Butsu or the world is like this.

No one is responsible for Inmo Butsu.

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☞Haruki Murakami adored F. Scott Fitzgerald. He even translated «Great Gatsby» into Japanese though several Japanese translations had already existed. To understand «Babylon Revisited» truly, the Japanese needed to wait until Plaza Accord. After the agreement, the value of Japanese Yen multiplied. Paris was no longer out of reach for most of the Japanese.

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