Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 46-4 Not content?

Today's Tao

No calamity is bigger than not knowing contentment. (Ch.46)

A: "Master Bonbon, I want to be happy? What should I do?"

B: "Be content, and you will be happy."

A: "But, Master Bonbon, tell me how I can be content."

B: "Pay your annual income, and you can buy contentment from our organization."

What is contentment, really?

It is the same as doing nothing.

All of us are here to sustain the system, which is the cycle of the fundamental energy with many different names.

But our task is very simple.

We accept and love what we experience, with contentment, by doing nothing.

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☞Some colors are forbidden to wear. The color Korozen (#d99502) is the color that only the emperor of Japan can wear. It is reddish yellow, which is very difficult to dye. No korozen color is identical to another, they say. As for Yukio Mishima's «Forbidden Colors», its impression seems to vary as much as the korozen. Color implies desire in Japan. Some adore Mishima's audacity to write about the forbidden desire. Others simply try to deny the existence of the forbidden practice in many established institutes in the land of Samurai.

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