Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 45-7 Poor speech

Today's Tao

Big's speech seems poor. (Ch.45)

A: "Master Bonbon, why are you so serious all the time? "

B: "I am talking something sacred. I have to be serious. Otherwise, people will not believe it."

No, Master Bonbon, if you are talking about true Tao, people have to laugh at you.

Lao Tzu says in Chapter 40:

"When a low man hears about Tao, he laughs out loud.

If he doesn't laugh, it is not worth being Tao."

(Laughable Tao 40-3 and If not laughable 40-4, respectively)

When you talk about Tao, don't try to convince others because your speech must sound very poor.

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☞Making a speech is not exactly part of Japanese tradition. The more you talk, the less important you are. Ishin denshin 以心伝心: by your heart you can transmit your heart, is our traditional way. You can watch the two good Japanese films in the post-Kurosawa era concerning the departure of one's beloved, and see how Japanese handle the situation with the minimum of speech. Silence is still golden in the modern Jipangu which Marco Polo thought was rich in gold.

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