Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 47-2 Not out of Self

Today's Tao

Without looking out of the window, you see Heaven's Tao. (Ch.47)

Although Tao is not visible, thank God, Heaven's Tao is.

"Heaven" means your hologram, which is the world.

"Heaven's Tao" means a manifestation of Tao.

"The window" suggests your own self, which is part of your hologram.

Therefore, Today's Tao sentence signifies:

"Without going out of your own self, you can see a manifestation of Tao".

You don't have to go into any altered state or anywhere.

Satori is "right here right now".

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☞Soto Zen Buddhism in Japan was founded by Dogen in the thirteenth century. «Shobogenzo», which embodies the entire philosophy of the greatest philosopher we have ever had in the land of the floating world Uki-yo, is written in the mixture of Japanese and Chinese. For some monks, it was too metaphysical and uninviting, so they found a refuge in the warmth of geisha girls. Way to go!

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