Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 48-2 Reduce and reduce / video

Today's Tao

You reduce and reduce it.

Eventually, you reach the state of doing nothing. (Ch. 48)

Japan stories

Some things change. Other things remain the same.

Please look at the photo. I shot it in the parking lots of a supermarket in my hometown Chiba, Japan. The place was a rice paddy when I was a child.

Can you see what the boy is looking at? Those are Yakitori. Yaki mesa "to grill" and Tori "a bird". If you speak about its meaning etymologically, the word should be used only for grilled chicken on a bamboo skewer. But these days the term is employed to describe any meat on a skewer as the contradiction in the photo shows: on the red lantern it says "Yakitori", but most of the photos with prices are inviting you to buy «pork» on a skewer.

Although the image has integrated into a Japanese landscape, a van like this is not at all an authentic Yatai, which is a sort of ricksha with a kitchen facility. The chef would pull the cart, spraying the nice smell in the neighborhood. It was hard to resist.

Well, the smell hasn't change much. All the skewered meats being grilled tickle the inside of our nostrils from the distance.

Visit Japan and taste it!

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