Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tao Te Ching Chapter 48-3 Do nothing / video

Today's Tao

By doing nothing, you can do everything. (Ch.48)

Japan stories

The Japanese are tired now. Not only the old ones, but also the young ones.

Especially the young male Japanese are very tired. Some of them are even too exhausted to make love.

The girls call them herbivore boys.

Men with a vital libido who do not miss a chance to "eat the meat of a girl" are considered carnivore.

Carnivore boys do not mind hanging around all night to look for their prey at Roppongi in Tokyo. On the other hand, the herbivore prefer staying at home without wasting energy.

The choice between them has nothing to do with the attractiveness of his personality or appearance. Herbivore boys are not necessarily ugly nor have bad manners. Some of them are good-looking and gentlemanly.

Simply, they do not have desire to follow his prey and to devour her heart and body. The herbivore boys are not interested in those "trifle" matters. There are much more important things in life. For example, taking the photos of trains and playing Loveplus on Nintendo DS.

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