Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-8 Plan

Today's Tao

It is relaxing and plans well. (Ch.73)

Heaven's Tao never rushes you.

It relaxes you.

Even if your wish is not granted immediately, don't be annoyed.

"I wonder why Amitāba Buddha (=Amida Butsu 阿弥陀仏) keeps ignoring my wishes!"

Would you like to complain about Amida Buddha's unfair treatment against you?

Tao and Buddha's wisdom, which is your true wisdom, is far wiser than our superficial intelligence.

Do you believe in coincidence?

In Tao, there is no such a thing as a coincidence.

Amida Buddha's acts are completely planned and premeditated, you see?

Well, it is not exactly right since there is no time in Tao.

But if you think Amida Buddha is choosing the best thing for you every moment of your life, isn't it easier to accept your hologram as it is?

It is an excellent thought device.

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-Tao by Matsumoto / Tao Te Ching / Chapter 73

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