Friday, May 6, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-7 I shin den shin / No call

Today's Tao

It doesn't call any, but they come somehow. (Ch.73)

You don't call them.

You don't even say anything.

But they will respond.

They will even come to you somehow.

It sounds like the ultimate form of non-verbal communication such as Hara gei, the belly art.

In the domain of art in Japan, particularly martial art, non-verbal communication is a must.

We call it 以心伝心 [i shin den shin], which means "by heart, transmit heart".

This is a Kanreisu (=a bar or a spring) to better understand Zen.

This Kanji / Chinese character 心 [shin] is often translated as heart or mind.

Like the English word "heart", it also signifies "the center".

The word 心 [shin] suggests the center of the mechanism.

By the mechanism, transmit the mechanism.

In this Tao/hologram mechanism, everything comes about by itself, 自然 [ji nen].

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