Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 74-2 Don't terrify them

Today's Tao

How can you terrify them by ending their life? (Ch.74)

Reincarnation is the creation and re-creation of a hologram.

It is not the story of a child in an exotic country who speaks about his former life in the language of the exotic country, not in the language he was supposed to be using while living the former life.

Tao is the exchange of the energy.

Every time the exchange takes place, Tao creates a hologram as a catalyst.

The end of life is the end of one cycle of this process.

Another one begins simultaneously.

Life is a catalyst, that is to say, an illusion.

That's why they say in Zen Buddhism:

"不生 不滅

[fusho fumetsu]

No life. No end of life".

Do we have to be afraid of the end of a holographic catalyst?

People in the world are not terrified at all by the end of a hologram/life, Lao Tzu says.

Of course not because they are just holographic characters in your catalytic movie.

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-Tao by Matsumoto / Tao Te Ching / Chapter 74

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☞Reincarnation. Rin-ne Ten-sho 輪廻転生. One of the most successful modern novelists in Japan, Yukio Mishima 三島由紀夫 tacked the subject in the series of «Sea of Fertility / Hojo no Umi 豊饒の海». At the very end of the forth and last novel «The Decay of the Angel / Ten nin go sui 天人五衰», the woman who has been the heroine in the first book «Spring Snow / Haru no Yuki 春の雪» answers to the question of reincarnation. It is worth reading how she explains it if you are interested in this intriguing concept.

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