Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-4 Hatred

Today's Tao

Who knows why heaven doesn't like what it hates. (Ch.73)

"Oh, my god. He hates me. She hates me, too. Everyone hates me! I hate them. They deserve my hatred. I hate all."

If you feel so once in a while, please listen to what Lao Tzu says here.

"Heaven" suggests the world, or your hologram.

He is saying that no one knows the reason why someone hates another.


It's simple.

Because there is no reason behind it. Of course, not.

In your holographic world, it seems that one hates another, but in fact no one hates anyone.

Hatred is an interpretation you are projecting on what you see.

How can holographic characters in your mind movie hate someone?

All of the catalytic characters are asking you to do just one thing:

Send more Love.

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