Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 76-1 Soft life

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The life of man is soft and weak. (Ch.76)

The expression "soft and weak" suggests being intangible.

Why is the life of man intangible?

Because it is part of a hologram.

What is life, then?

To answer the question, movie is a perfect metaphor.

A movie does not exist as a tangible entity.

A movie is a story told on the screen where a sequence of numerous photographs is projected.

The life of man is a movie.

As the name of "movie" is given to a sequence of projected images, "life" is the name of a collection of holograms.

Technically speaking, a hologram does not change as an individual image in a film does not change.

The sequence of holograms gives us an impression that it changes.


-Life does not exist as a tangible entity.

-A hologram does not change.

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