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Tao Te Ching Chapter 73-5 Heaven's Tao wins

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Heaven's Tao doesn't compete but wins well. (Ch.73)

In Chapter 68, Lao Tzu says:

"A true winner doesn't compete".

(☞See True winner 68-3)

In Chapter 22 and 66, he repeats twice:

"Simply he doesn't compete. That's why no one under the sky can compete with him".

(☞See Aikido 22-12 and Don't compete 66-7)

Neither a true winner nor a sage compete.

Lao Tzu gives us a little hint about the reason.

The key is the expression "Heaven's Tao".

Heaven = Hologram

So, it means that every part of your hologram has Tao's energy.

It is ridiculous to force the energy of one part to compete against that of another.

Then, what does "winning" mean?

It is to maximize the circulating energy of Tao by receiving it without resistance and sending it as much as possible.

You are always winning because you are always receiving Love and sending Love through your hologram no matter what you are doing.

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