Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 74-6 Carved or uncarved block

Today's Tao

If you carve wood on behalf of Big's carpenter, you surely hurt your hand. (Ch.74)

Don't try to carve "an uncarved block".

That is to say, don't try to control Tao and its holograms.

Let the carpenter of the holograms do his work.

In Zen Buddhism, they wisely call them Inmo butsu 恁麼物, or "what on earth" thing. (☞See Inmo and No mind 49-10)

Let your hologram come and go.

Surely you will hurt your hand if you try to control something uncontrollable.

You will feel you are stuck in the world because you forget that this life is your hologram.

If you cannot help feeling that you are lost in Mayoi, don't worry.

This Mayoi, or being lost, is Satori itself.

Your life itself is Satori the enlightenment.

Do you have to carve something already perfect?

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