Friday, May 27, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 75-3 Plenty of life?

Today's Tao

People think lightly of ending life because they demand plenty of life. That's why they think lightly of ending life. (Ch.75)

Life is just a hologram. It is just a painted rice-cake.

It exists as a catalyst to stimulate you to emit more Love (=Tao).

To satisfy your hunger for life, all you can do is to send more Love.

Or rather, we have to learn that, whatever we do, we are always sending Love.

That's why Tozan Ryokai 洞山良价 [Tung-shan Liang-chieh / Dongshan Liangjie] said:

"I am always doing this desperately."

(聯燈會要 [rento eyo] Book 20 / Dogen quoted this in his «Shobogenzo» as shown yesterday)

If everyone is sending Love, "No one can ever do anything evil. Everyone is doing the right thing", right?

"A painted rice-cake / Gabyo 画餅", a hologram, or life is a catalyst.

It is you who satisfy your hunger by sending Love.

Whether you still want a life of plenty or plenty of life, your life is asking you to do the same thing.

Send Love.

Respect your life, or your sweet piece of painted rice-cake.

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Tao answers your question!

☞«Tao of ****» The first line comparison (17) / "Taoism is the original meditation, religion and philosophy of the Chinese." On the left, «TAO of Letting Go: Meditation for Modern Living» written by Bruce Frantzis. / "If you want to be rich, stop chasing after the things of the world. Go inside. What you will find will stop you dead and you will want no more." On the right, «The Tao of Contemplation: Re-Sourcing the Inner Life» written by Jasmin Lee Cori. / Life is the best meditation of all. If we are always living this life desperately like Tozan Ryokai, do we really need a cushion for meditation? Nevertheless, of course, Tao does not exclude meditation if you wish.

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