Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 62-4 Adorned words

Today's Tao

Adorned words can buy high rank. (Ch.62)

A: "Master Bonbon, you are beautiful. You are the best-looking guru I have ever seen in my life."

B: "Thank you, miss. Now you are promoted one rank higher. Soon you will be chosen to be saved."

Master Bonbon, you are shaming yourself.

The girl is just flattering you.

Don't be fooled by "adorned words".

Although these words seem to work, don't fool others with them, either.

Who are the others, anyway?

They are the extended part of your own self.

Is it worth fooling your own self?

Let's make it clear.

There is no rank or any sort in Tao.

One cannot be better than the others.

Everyone is equal; everything is the same.

Because everything is one; all of us are Tao.

Do you still want to be "chosen"?

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☞Some Samurai fight; some don't. On the right, you find the famous banner of Takeda, Shingen: Fu 風, Rin 林, Ka 火, Zan 山, which means Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain, respectively. Be swift like a wind. Be silent like forest. Be fierce like fire. Be stable like a mountain. On the left, Shusaku Endo portrays the contradiction of being a Christian Samurai under the prohibition of Christianity. A remarkable literary achievement by the Japanese Christian novelist.

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