Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 61-8 By going down

Today's Tao

Therefore, some take it by going down. Others go down and take it. (Ch.61)

Going down is being passive, or receiving Tao's energy through your hologram without resistance.

Some do it on purpose.

Others do it without being aware of it.

The key thing is to know that everyone does it.

This act of sending and receiving Love (=Tao) is Satori.

Zen Master Dogen encourages us by saying:

"Some learn Tao by letting go the mechanism of Tao and the hologram (=your mind, =the world).

Others learn Tao by tackling the mechanism of Tao and the hologram."


(Shinjingakudo 身心学道, «Shobogenzo»)

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are in the state of Satori; you are one with Tao.

心 [shin]: the Tao/hologram mechanism in Zen Buddhism, sometimes translated as mind or heart. It means the center. Picture the center of the Yin Yang circle. Tao manifests (=projects) itself as a hologram. The hologram stimulates Tao. This is the cycle of the mechanism. (☞See also No heart 49-1)

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-Tao by Matsumoto / Tao Te Ching / Chapter 61

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☞Saiichi Maruya is an excellent novelist who wrote «Singular Rebellion» in 1972 and «Rain in the Wind» in 1991. Besides, he is known as a specialist of James Joyce. He co-translated «Ulysses» into Japanese.

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