Friday, January 14, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 61-11 Go down

Today's Tao

If each wants to get what she wants, the big one should go down. (Ch.61)

All Tao wants is to cycle.

To do so, it has to "go down", or be submissive.


True You are Tao.

So, Lao Tzu is talking about your attitude here.

Be submissive and activate Dark Depth Female.

A hologram is not Tao.

But, accept your hologram, or the world, as if it was Tao itself.

Then, your spiritual quest is over.

Now you know the starting point and the goal are the same.

This is the Yin Yang circle.

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-Tao by Matsumoto / Tao Te Ching / Chapter 61

Tao answers your question!

☞This yellow animal on the right is a monster in fact. A monster can be cute and friendly in the land of Nintendo. The name of the world-famous monster is Pikachu. He lives in the virtual world of the video game Pocket Monster, in case you don't know it. Monsters and robots are not enemies in Japan. They are friends that console the hearts and souls of tired Japanese workers, students, and children, who more desperately than ever want to leave this reality for a virtual one. Nevertheless, it is not appropriate to blame technology for their daydreaming because the wish of escape is something rather "traditional" there. Please look at the samurai-like man on the left. He is in fact a fisherman called «Urashima Taro». He is riding a turtle, which is taking him to a "Paradise under the Sea". To modern-day Hawaii, Tahiti, or New Caledonia? It doesn't matter. The turtle is surely taking a tired Japanese worker to the paradise to which his ancestors once belonged.

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