Monday, January 17, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 62-3 Akunin shoki setsu / Feel safe

Today's Tao

It's the place where not so good people feel safe. (Ch.62)

Tao is the place where everyone feels safe, even a not-so-good person.


Shinran 親鸞 answered:


[zennin naomote ojo o togu, iwan-ya akunin o ya]

"Even good people will become Buddha, not to mention evil people".

(«Tannisho 歎異抄», Chapter 3)

This summarizes the idea of Shinran and Honen's Akunin shoki setsu 悪人正機説: the Doctrine of Evil Persons as the Object of Salvation.

It sounds like bad people have a better chance of salvation, doesn't it?

Some people have thought so.

But, please remember there is neither good nor evil in Tao.

Don't impose judgment on Tao.

Besides, salvation is "right here right now".

True You are Tao, so you are the one who saves all by sustaining the circulation of Tao's energy.

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☞Let's review Dogen and Shinran roughly and vulgarly.
✒Japanese Soto Zen Buddhism - Dogen - «Shobogenzo» - Jiriki / Self-power.
✒Jodo Shin Buddhism - Shinran - «Tannisho» by Yuien - Tariki / Other-power.
☞You can find Shinran's Akunin shoki setzu in «Tannisho», which is not so abstract as Dogen's «Shobogenzo». If you still need some modern help, Hiroyuki Itsuki's «Tariki» will be handy.

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