Monday, January 24, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 62-10 Highly appreciated

Today's Tao

Therefore, it's appreciated by the world under the sky. (Ch.62)

What is the treasure?

It is Tao.

What is "the world under the sky"?

The world is your hologram.

Therefore, the last sentence of Chapter 62 Treasure is interpreted:

"Tao is appreciated by your hologram".

Your hologram includes your own self, other people, all the material beings, and even thoughts and feelings.

Here we have a precious key, or Kanreisu (a bar / spring).

Everything exists in order to appreciate, love, and accept Tao through other beings and non-beings.

It means that no elements in the hologram interfere with each other.


That's right.

There is no cause and effect inside the hologram no matter how much it appears otherwise.

The sole cause and effect takes place between you and Tao.

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