Friday, June 17, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 77-4 No excess / Why does history repeat itself?

Today's Tao

It reduces excess. (Ch.77)

We used to adore excess, especially excessive consumption.

When you consumed food, energy, or money excessively, you were considered wealthy and sometimes provoked jealousy in others.

Now, the pendulum of our collective awareness seems to have changed its direction.

These days, when you waste our natural resources, you look a bit idiotic.

I don't know how long this tendency of post-consumer society will last.

Probably, one century.

Maybe, 50 years.

Who knows.

But one thing is sure.

One day, our social pendulum will go backwards.

Why does history repeat itself?

History is part of your hologram, which imitates the cycle of Tao.

Tao's circle does not have excess.

So, a hologram doesn't like excess.

Tao's cycle repeats itself.

So does history.

Please don't forget that Tao doesn't have time. All the history in your hologram is created simultaneously.

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